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Could Congress "bribe" the President to sign a bill by including a presidential pay raise?

If Congress wanted to pass a law that they expected the President to be reluctant to sign, could they legally "bribe" the President to sign the bill by including a Presidential pay raise in ...
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1 answer

Is it legal to bribe an employee of a fully private company?

Let's say I go into Starbucks and slip an extra dollar to the barrista so that he gives me a slice of cake for free (just a small example). Is this legal according to criminal law? I know it's ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Elements of bribery: what is a "thing of value"?

There is lately some suggestion that a US president who withholds aid to a foreign country on the condition that the foreign country investigate a political opponent constitutes bribery. The ...
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The Prevention of Corruption Act in India

The section 7A of the Prevention of Corruption Act in India states: Taking undue advantage to influence public servant by corrupt or illegal means or by exercise of personal influence. Whoever ...
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