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Forcing an HOA meeting?

Say there is a homeowners association that is required by its bylaws to hold an annual meeting and, at that meeting, an election for board members. The board has the power to select the date of the ...
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What are the possible/likely penalties for violations of the TfL Railway Bylaws other than fare evasion?

Bob was convicted of a transgression of the TfL railway bylaws other than those pertaining to fare evasion, but can only find sentencing guidelines for those types of offences. Are there any general/...
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Members present and voting?

I'm working on bylaws for an organization and I'm having a hard time parsing out the details of the term "members present and voting" as described in various sections of Roberts Rules of ...
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Do donations to only some primary candidates express favoritism?

A county-level political party committee donated to a few, but not all, upcoming primary candidate campaigns, despite the committee's bylaw that states "It shall be the policy of the committee to ...
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