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I am trying to find a case that contained language about campaign promises about legislation being actively legislated

I had simply searched for cases that dealt with campaign promises and when they are legally binding or illegal. I have tried to find the case again because it did a good job of explaining why unkept ...
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Do donations to only some primary candidates express favoritism?

A county-level political party committee donated to a few, but not all, upcoming primary candidate campaigns, despite the committee's bylaw that states "It shall be the policy of the committee to ...
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Felony codes in Frank Artiles fake campaign case in Miami-Dade

Frank Artiles, a former Florida state representative and senator, was charged with felonies in connection to a scam candidate scheme in Miami Dade County. There was a general question asked about the ...
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PAC spending limits

Based on a Google search, it is my understanding that POTUS post-election PAC fundraising is in the hundreds of millions. Does PAC and campaign finance law permit (or prohibit) the money to be used to ...
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If a Politician uses an Organized Crime Syndicate to extort a Business, is the Politician guilty of the same crime as the Syndicate?

In the United States, let's say you have: A generic POLITICIAN of any type A generic ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE of any type A generic BUSINESS of any type If an ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE pressures a ...
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