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How complicated can political donations be before they are bribery? [closed]

In the US, bribing federal or state legislators to vote the way you want them to is illegal. But donating (or not donating) to their election campaigns is legal, as is telling them what you want them ...
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How do I read Forms 990? [closed]

I want to start learning about weird political nonprofits I keep seeing on the internet. Some context: As a teenager,I grew up during the recession and Trump's campaign. I was a bit nervous about our ...
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1 answer

Citizens United applicability to 100% foreign owned US corporations?

Citizens United said that US corporations can spend unlimited "independent expenditures for political campaigns". However, foreign natural persons and foreign corporations are not allowed to ...
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What happens if someone violates a political party's "contribution rules" (which might be laws, I'm not sure)?

The Oregon Republican Party's donation page lists rules, including: I am at least eighteen years old. I am not, nor am I making this contribution on behalf of, a corporation, labor organization, ...
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Who controls campaign funds when a candidate dies?

John is a candidate for Congress. His campaign committee consists of himself and a treasurer (or perhaps only himself). Before the election, he suddenly dies. His campaign has raised but not spent $1 ...