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CAN-SPAM Act is a U.S. law that establishes requirements for commercial email messaging.

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Fake service emails that are actually marketing emails

There is law in the US requiring email marketing lists to allow you to unsubscribe from them. But emails that are part of providing a service seem to be exempt: you can't necessarily unsubscribe from ...
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How does CAN-SPAM apply to physical mail promotions?

In this day of age, it's easy to get a prospect's address with so many online databases available. For example, a college sending a promotional mail to a student. A freelancer sending physical mails ...
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Apartment sending advertisements to me without option to opt out

I apologize if this has been answered before, I see similar questions although under slightly different circumstances. I am currently renting an apartment in Texas. My rental company uses SMS to ...
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Legality of mass email situation

I am launching a business directed towards college campuses. I know the email address format of the first college I will be launching at is firstname.las[email protected] . Basically, I would not have ...
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Can we use client email addresses for marketing?

I work in a small design agency and we are launching a new product soon. What laws govern our ability to email our past clients about this news? When we work with clients we don't ask for their ...
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Recourse for CAN-SPAM violation (impossible to unsubscribe)

According to CAN-SPAM, it should be possible to unsubscribe from a given vendor without much issue or fuss (emphasis added for the relevant part):
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