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Would it be illegal to forward CCTV footage of someone committing a crime to their employer? (UK)

An incident has occurred where an individual in a private business committed an offence (common assault/battery). As expected the police seem fairly unmotivated or interested however a quick Google ...
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Can one require data of which one is the subject to be erased as well as disclosed?

Under the GDPR, one is entitled to receive any data including CCTV footage that one may feature in if it still exists. However, can one as the data subject also require by request for such footage to ...
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Can CCTV cameras share an IT network in the UK?

I've just had a conversation with a company who are a "Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board accredited intruder alarm system installer", who told me that their CCTV cameras and ...
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Do data protection officers typically have any actual incentive to integrity in their performance of statutory duty?

Meet Bob. Bob was brutally assaulted by store security in a big corporate chain store. Bob would like to obtain evidence of the same and thus submits a gdpr subject access request to the central head ...
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