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It is legal to distribute a generative AI model where content filtering is completely absent?

E.g. If a large language model doesn't censor inappropriate content (like violent, sexually explicit, hateful, etc. content), or allows users to make the model swear, is this legal?
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What Are Repercussion For Making Uncensorable Social Media? [duplicate]

I'm intending to make and publish an experimental platform where user-generated content (UGC) is uncensorable and permanent. Although tech promotes itself as such, like the omnipotence paradox, man ...
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What is still considered obscenity in the United States?

I just skimmed the Wiki article on US obscenity law, and all the cases are from decades back. What would still be considered obscenity today and prosecuted as such? While my question is general to ...
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Will the authorities arrest somone who uses banned apps in Qatar?

My father is working in Qatar. I instructed him to download Signal Messenger because IMO has advertisements and it interrupts our video calling persistently. As I search on the web about Signal's ...
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The legal basis of banning RT and Sputnik in Europe

What is the legal process whereby the proposed bans of RT and Sputnik are supposed to be put into practice? Why does the European Council think it has the right to force ISPs to censor websites?
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Can phone companies or messaging apps censor speech?

In the US, could a phone company, theoretically, suppress certain kinds of speech by censoring certain words or phrases as they’re being transmitted over the phone company’s infrastructure? In order ...
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