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Questions tagged [cfaa]

Questions involving the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

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General legallity of selling advanced malicious software systems [duplicate]

Generally, within the United States, would it be legal to: Develop an advanced network exploitation system that has capabilities like The NSO Group Pegesus Spyware. Market that software to any US ...
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How do laws against computer intrusion handle the modern situation of devices routinely being under the de facto control of non-owners?

Current versions of Microsoft Windows will automatically update themselves. That's usually great, but they also are designed to update themselves even if the owner of the device wants them to not do ...
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Is it a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) to use my work computer to browse Facebook?

My employer recently sent out an email stating work computers being used for personal activities such as browsing social media will be considered unauthorized access and that any past, present, or ...
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Computer Fraud and Abuse Act equivalent for citizens

What equivalent do ordinary US citizens have in terms of digital protectionss, as the US government and its financial interests have as defined in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?
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What are some laws related to break into others (scammers) computers?

On Youtube, We can find videos of some tech guys controlling others (scammers) computers without permission. Not sure how they did it, and this is not a question about how do they know which computers ...
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Are javascript keyloggers on websites legal?

I believe that if one delivers a keylogger by say email and use it to extract data entered into text boxes without the users knowledge or consent on a web site then that is illegal. If the same is ...
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Malicious actions by individual moderators

This is a follow up on a previous question. Using Stack Exchange as a example, moderators should be able to destroy the site within minutes by automated means. There is no meaningful terms of service. ...
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Is it illegal to modify url data?

Say i did something like**MyValue** instead of**DefaultValue** Can I be held accountable for any errors that the variable ...
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Legal status of Cellebrite hack

The CEO of Signal has posted the discovery of security vulnerabilities in Cellebrite products. These products are used by police to evade security on seized mobile devices and thereby download the ...
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Is ban evasion illegal?

What is the legality of "Ban Evasions"? This sounds like a dumb question but perhaps enlighten the ignorant. Ban Evasion, "The creation of a new account on a platform or website after being ...
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Is it illegal to create code that causes damage to a computer system?

I'm reading about the Computer Abuse Amendments Act of 1994 and I just read: 'it is illegal to create any type of malicious code that might cause damage to a computer system.' Can someone clarify ...
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can anyone interpret the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act(CFAA) to include everyday mistakes in good faith?

For example can the statement "Intentionally access without authorization/exceed authorization" be interpreted to mean something like a strict liability for accidental mistakes? Like can a plantiff/...
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In the CFAA, what exactly do "Intentionally accessed a protected computer without authorization" and "exceeding authorization" mean?

I originally looked at this for web scraping, but upon reading it more, it seems like it could be interpreted to include all types of common mistakes. Does this even include something like a ...
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Is download Public S3 AWS Buckets illegal?

What are S3 Buckets? An Amazon S3 bucket is a public cloud storage resource available in Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3), an object storage offering. Amazon S3 buckets, which ...
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Is the NSO Group guilty of computer crimes?

The NSO Group is the company (based in Israel but American-owned) which appears to be responsible for the software used to penetrate WhatsApp. The case seems to have a lot of parallels with the ...
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Is downloading YouTube videos legal for personal use? [duplicate]

Hypothetical: I am learning a language at the moment and have found certain playlists very useful. I want to have them on the go and have written an application to download and manage downloaded ...
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Is it illegal (under US law) to "manually" mass download from JSTOR?

Say I wish to determine the frequency of the use of the word "apple" in academic articles. And so I want to get as many academic articles as possible for analysis. I have access (through my ...
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How does Aaron Swartz's mass download from JSTOR constitute hacking?

I might be a bit late on this but I just got to know the story of Aaron Swartz, a phenomenal guy to say the least. The internet is filled with news posts, blogs, and even documentaries stating that "...
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