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If one writes a check with no exact amount but with an upper bound by indicating a "Not To Exceed X USD" on the memo line, is it legally binding?

Example of a check with no exact amount but with an upper bound by indicating a "Not To Exceed X USD" on the memo line of the check: If the person who cashed out the check goes over the ...
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Who is liable if somebody takes a check written to them before the funds are in place to cover it?

This is hypothetical. Suppose I write out a rent check to my landlord, but I don't give it to him. Instead, I leave it on my desk because I still have to deposit funds to cover the check. Unbeknownst ...
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Can an employer require employees to cash a check?

In Arizona, United States, can an employer require an employee to cash a check? This might be useful, as if an employer writes a check for labor/services rendered, the employer has an unfulfilled ...
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What options do I have for getting back a refund?

I accidentally overpaid my electric company $55 for the month of August but it turned out that I was moving that month so I cancelled their service. I was told by the electric company that I would get ...
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A person accepts money to write a check, but cancels the check and refuses to return the money

In the state of NM if a family member in need of a muzzle accepts 500$ to write a check for rent and cancels the check after its already been turned in, and then refuses to return the 500$, is this ...
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Does cashing a check prevent the ability to pursue a company for a related contractual amount?

Backstory: 06/05/2017: Here is the relevant post for some additional clarity on the matter: Arbitration Clause Account Credits vs Money Stipulation. I went through arbitration with a company after ...
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What's the total value for customs of a check?

I work for a non-profit company in the accounts payable department (we don't pay taxes in most states... as long as we are in the state, I think). My boss was gone for the day and I had an urgent ...
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