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Questions tagged [children]

Questions involving children, typically in relation to family-law. For questions about legal rights and responsibilities of young humans consider using tag "minor" instead.

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Is there a country that legally requires parents to donate blood to their children?

The question is, as indicated in the title, whether there's a law anywhere in the world that would require parents - explicitly or implicitly - to donate blood (or even organs) to their children if ...
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If your child "hacks" your device and "defrauds" the bank what is the legal situation?

In the news today there is a case of a child spending more than £2,500 on their parents iPad. A 10-year-old girl spent more than £2,500 on the gaming site Roblox after changing the password on her ...
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Filming my kids

I'm divorced with two kids (minors) and 50% custody, in California. Now let's talk about recording in California. I know that California is a state where both parties need to give consent for ...
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Practical difference between physical custody and visitation?

Q: What is the ACTUAL or practical difference between Physical Custody and Visitation (or Parent Time)? For divorcing couples in Utah who have children, Joint Legal and Physical Custody can be ...
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Possible custody problems involving parents of different nationalities

Situation: Women residing in Spain (but different EU national) gave birth in Spain. Father of the child, who is a UK national is legally known and present on the birth certificate, was present at the ...
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Do parents have any protection against computer misuse crimes against their children?

Suppose Alice has an online account. Bob says to Alice "Give me access to your account". Alice says no, but Bob has access to Alice's email and does a password reset. This required him to ...
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Is it necessary for both the divorced parents to consent for their younger than 12 years old kid to wear face mask or get tested for COVID-19?

I guess there is some consent needed since the kid is younger that 12 years old. But is it necessary for both the parents to consent? Does the opinion of the kid also count? More specifically I would ...
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What are the statistics on child care arrangements post seperation?

It is a common perception that most children of separated male-female couples spend most or all of their time with their mother. It is also commonly believed that courts are used to make these ...
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