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Questions tagged [children]

Questions involving children, typically in relation to family-law. For questions about legal rights and responsibilities of young humans consider using tag "minor" instead.

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Is it true that men are forced to pay child support for children they didn't consent to have?

According to many in the men's rights movement, a woman who, in any way, gets pregnant from a man will be able to get child support from him, which in most states is proportional to a man's wealth. ...
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Is it likely to win back child support from biological father of a child whose conception was result of extramarital affair?

Situation: A wife of a married couple had extramarital affair As a result, she conceived a child by the male she had affair with The fact that the biological father isn't the husband isn't known to ...
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Paternity of non-marital children

I came across this document today: Sometimes a married woman gives birth to a child whose biological father is not her husband. Although the husband is not the child’s biological parent, he ...
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Is Elon Musk's child name valid in California?

Elon Musk and his partner want to name their child X Æ A-12. Is that name allowed in California, US?
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Is it a crime to have child outside of wedlock?

If a legally married man has a child with another woman, what are the consequences for that child? Who will be the legal father of this child on the child's birth certificate? Can this child use his ...
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What can a father do to become the primary caregiver?

My girlfriend and I live in Indiana. Someday, we would like to get married and have a baby. And God could surprise us with a baby anytime before marriage too. Ideally, I would like to split parenting ...
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Why was the NHS able to prevent Charlie Gard's parents from taking their child to the US?

The European Court of Human Rights decided today that the parents of Charlie Gard, a British toddler with a life-threatening and (as his British doctors say) non-treatable disease, can not take him to ...
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What legal responsibility does a mother have to the father of her child?

Inspired by (and therefore using the same tags as) Does the father have the rights to keep the baby that the mother wants adopted? In particular, is a mother required to inform the biological father ...
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Is it illegal for a parent to refuse to pay medical expenses with child support in the USA?

I am asking one a friend's behalf. My friend's parents are divorced, my friend (18, F) is living with her mother and her mother's boyfriend (not married to each other). The mother receives child ...
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Is there a jurisdiction where child pornography is not illegal?

There is somewhat recent research (PDF) which has found there to be at least links to child pornography on the bitcoin blockchain with also one one explicity file on the blockchain which may be ...
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Does the father have the rights to keep the baby that the mother wants adopted?

So, I was watching an "E.R." episode, and they had this bit of dialog between a doctor who's pregnant and trying to have the child adopted when born; and adoption agency person (being "ER", the ...
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Why can some states choose to reject the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine?

In the United States, the US Supreme Court established the Turntable Doctrine, in R.R. Co. v. Stout, 84 U.S. 657. As I understand it, In general, if a person is injured while trespassing on someone’s ...
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Can males be held liable for child support for wife's child?

Lets say a single male living in California were to get married to a woman who has an existing one year old child from her previous marriage. If in the future they were to get divorced, how much of a ...
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Is male circumcision without consent and without medical reason legal in France?

A lot of circumcision are realized on children in France without medical reasons. Are those operations legal or illegal ?
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Can a child have a different last name from both their father and mother?

In the US, you can change your last name as you could with your first name. So imagine as a father, you changed your last name from the one your family gives to you. Can you choose your child to use ...
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