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Questions tagged [citizens-arrest]

An arrest or detention of a suspected offender by an individual who is not a police officer or other sworn law enforcement official. Legislation is jurisdiction-dependent so please add a location tag.

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What does it mean for a crime to be committed "in the presence of" a person?

ORS 133.225 (Arrest by private person), subsection 1, says in part, emphasis added: A private person may arrest another person for any crime committed in the presence of the private person if the ...
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What is the relationship/intersection between s3 CLA 1967 and s24A PACE 1984?

The Criminal Law Act 1967, section 3(1) says: A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of ...
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Is there such a thing as citizens arrest in international waters?

Say someone knows for CERTAIN that a speedboat in international waters is carrying something illegal can they do a citizens arrest and stop the boat ? And then hand it over to the navy or police ? ( ...
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Can a citizen's arrest be made for a purely Federal offense?

First of all, let me start by saying that nearly all lawyers and police agree that a citizen's arrest is a poor choice even when it is legal. I can find a lot of resources on the legality of citizen's ...
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What is the legal situation if you perform a citizen's arrest on a security guard?

The law on citizens arrest is here and summarised by the police here: How do I know if I can make a citizens arrest? You can make an arrest if the suspect is actually committing the offence or if ...
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Would it be illegal for me to act as a “Civillian Traffic Enforcer”?

I witnessed a silver Mustang full throttle from an intersection today and was wishing there was something i could do. (Or, substitute some other clear traffic infraction or dangerous driving — ...
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Ahmaud Arbery trial - what if they had witnessed him commit a crime?

In the Ahmaud Arbery trial, they tried to do a citizens arrest on him when they had no proof he had committed any crime. So, they couldn't claim self defense. This is logical. But what if they had ...
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Ahmaud Arbery defendants invoke Georgia State Law as a Defense in Federal Court

It is my understanding that three defendants face a Federal hate crime involving the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. In April 2021, all three men were indicted on federal charges of one count each ...
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Can a child do a citizen's arrest?

I'm really interested to know if it's legal in London (UK) and Germany for a child, say at 13 or even aged 8, to do a citizen's arrest? On an adult, if that makes a difference.
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If someone stops a potential murder by subduing a gunman, what would be the possible consequences?

I'm writing a story and I wanted some accuracy on this matter, specifically for the consequences on the person to whom this would happen. Imagine an off-duty security guard, while walking home, finds ...
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Who can legally arrest an on-duty law enforcement officer in NH?

If a New Hampshire citizen sees a New Hampshire cop commit a state or federal felony, can a citizen legally effect a citizen's arrest? Can other LEOs (law enforcement officers) effect such an arrest? ...
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Can a non-citizen make a citizen's arrest in the US?

In the United States, can a non citizen make a citizen's arrest? Does this vary by state?
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Is it illegal to open carry Hinged Handcuffs?

I just got a pair of Double Locked Handcuffs with a cuff carrier to put on my belt. I'm not part of any security, LEO, or federal division. I'm wondering if it is illegal to carry my handcuffs on my ...
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Can you arrest a person without police? [duplicate]

Is it possible to make the decision of arresting a person that is not judged by the police. For example by someone trained in law, like a lawyer. It is not uncommon to get some form of police ...
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In Los Angeles can I defend my own property against looters?

Currently, there is looting being done in Los Angeles by many people who are pretending to protest against the killing of George Floyd (some others are actually protesting and a few people are helping ...
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What rights does a private citizen have to aid in law enforcement?

Suppose you witnessed a robbery or theft from a store in the United States and saw someone running with the stolen goods, and you yell, "Stop, thief." Are you within your rights? Suppose you see ...
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Recourse to resistance in citizen's arrest

I am curious about citizen's arrest, at least in how it applies in the U.S., particularly the recourse the arresting party has in case of resistance/evasion. Let's say you see an assault/battery take ...
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When can a citizens arrest be made and how much force can be used?

My understanding of a citizen’s arrest that it's when is a person detains another person who is caught committing a crime until police arrive. If the person tries to leave how much force can the ...
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Can a civilian legally take any action against a police officer if they witness the officer violating traffic laws?

I saw this video where a civilian manages to pull over a police officer for speeding. I doubt pulling someone over as a civilian is legal, strictly speaking, especially since the guy had to speed ...
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Placing a Police Officer Under Citizen's Arrest

If you place a police officer under citizen's arrest, does that officer still hold the authority to arrest you?
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