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Questions related to the City of London - the small region in the centre of Greater London which houses the financial district, St Paul's Cathedral, the Old Bailey, and other notable sites. Questions relating to the London boroughs should probably use the [united-kingdom] or [england-and-wales] tags.

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What are all the distinct “capacities” of the City of London Corporation?

A comment on another question refers to the COLC’s port authority, local authority and police force capacities. What other capacities does it have? And what defines the notion of a “capacity”?
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Is the City of London fully subject to the Public Sector Equality Duty?

Some parts of the City of London Corporation function like a public body (eg the City Fund) while others (e.g. City’s Cash) somehow do not. For the purposes of the Equality Act’s PSED, is it a Public ...
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Is there any sense in which the City of London Corporation is a corporation wherein other local authorities are not also? [duplicate]

The City of London Corporation includes the word "corporation" in its name. But in the operative sense, are not all other local authorities also such “corporations”?
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Are all functions and aspects of the city of London’s operations subject to judicial review?

Alfred submits a freedom of information request to the city of London in relation to its management of Hampstead Heath which is rejected due to city’s cash funded functions being exempt therefrom. Bob ...
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In what sense is the City of London a "corporation"?

According to its recently quoted annual report, legislation treats it "as a corporation". In what sense is this true and in which is it not true?
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Who are the shareholders/owners/beneficiaries of the private component/aspect of the City of London Corporation?

Insofar as some parts of it (so called "City's Cash") function as a private entity from monies "built up over the centuries" to such extent as to make it exempt from the Freedom of ...
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Does the private component of the City of London Corporation pay any tax on its financial activities?

I'm referring to the privately run functions of the City of London Corporation that are exempt from public authority provisions such as the Freedom of Information Act.
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In what sense are the private and public aspects of the City of London corp one entity?

City funds function from tax revenue and are subject to FOIA and presumably so Judicial Review types of challenges. City cash on the other hand functions privately and the two are apparently ...
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How do lower level (county or magistrates) courts in the City of London differ in their jurisdictions from those in the surrounding boroughs?

Because the City of London has certain aspects of municipal autonomy, are there restrictions on their equivalence with the rest of the county or magistrate court system? In general any county court ...