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Catherine Middleton topless pictures ruling - why €100k in damages?

As currently reported in the press, Catherine Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) sued the French magazine Closer for publishing topless photos of her sun-bathing, and she and her husband were ...
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Casual Agreements to Privacy and Civil Lawsuits

So, let’s say that a husband and wife do something like this: a husband offers the wife an agreement (via a casual text message) that neither party will disclose the details of what they did in their ...
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Civil prosecution for motoring offences in the UK

If an there's evidence (e.g. video footage) of a motoring offense being committed, such as speeding, dangerous driving, and the CPS haven't prosecuted, is it possible to make a civil prosecution. ...
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Seizure of automobile as a result of a judgement

I am a landlord in Pennsylvania and am in the process of an eviction of a very bad tenant. There will be a judgement for back rent and damages, however, the personal property of the tenant is pure ...
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Searching New York civil litigation case law

Are civil cases litigated in the state of New York between private businesses back in the 1980s accessible to the general public somewhere somehow, either free or behind a paywall? Say I know that a ...
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