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Is a company bound by a contract signed by a person disqualified from managing companies?

Section 206B of the Australian Corporations Act provides that a person is automatically disqualified from managing corporations if convicted of certain offences or made bankrupt. Section 206A ...
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3 answers

Does the Clean Hands doctrine prevent undoing illegal contracts?

Bob knowingly pays Rob for doing something illegal (handing over an item that Rob has stolen, murdering Alice etc. — you name it). Both are caught and sent to jail. Now, will Rob legally own the money ...
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Is a revised version of a PD work with no indication of new authorship or copyright notice protected by copyright in the US?

This is a followup to this comment and the subsequent interchange. Suppose that a person A publishes a new edition of a work clearly in the Public Domain (PD) such as Conan Doyle's Adventures of ...
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