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Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5.1 (Constitutional Challenge to a Statute)

Can somebody tell me the meaning of the following sub-clauses in FRCP 5.1? Here is the wording exactly as it appears in the book: (1) file a notice of constitutional question stating the question and ...
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Thought experiment: What are some different ways to get the FBI to act or obtain a search warrant on a residence?

Hypothetically, across state lines, say I, discover that someone in another state is engaging in conspiracy to murder myself and someone else around me, across state lines. A thought experiment, and ...
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Why does CFR 15 look so much different on eCFR vs the OLRC?

Why does title 15 appear so substantially different (even the name of the title itself appears different) between the eCFR website the OLRC website? OLRC, Cornell
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Law Research Resources - Researching US Federal Law

I am currently a doctoral student in the medical sciences taking a health law course. We aren't provided many directions on researching the law, and I frequently need to cite/reference federal ...
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The Effect of the Repeal of law that grants rights to a party has on a successor party assigned to carry out the duties described in the repealed law

Does the repeal of a statute granting a party authority to enforce a contract eliminate a successor-in-interest party’s ability to enforce the contract? 12 USC 1441a granted the Resolution Trust ...
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