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FRE 803 (8) Public Record Usage for Defense

Is it possible to object to the prosecution's use of a document excluded under 803 (8) under hearsay grounds and then introduce it during the defense? Apologies in advance, as I do not have any trial ...
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21 days under FRCP 12(a)(1)(a)(i) or 14 days under FRCP 15(a)(3)

When a plaintiff adds a party via an amended complaint, does the new defendant get 14 days to respond under FRCP 15(a)(3) (the rule for responding to an amended pleading) or 21 days to respond under ...
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The Effect of the Repeal of law that grants rights to a party has on a successor party assigned to carry out the duties described in the repealed law

Does the repeal of a statute granting a party authority to enforce a contract eliminate a successor-in-interest party’s ability to enforce the contract? 12 USC 1441a granted the Resolution Trust ...
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