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What are the limits of the Commerce Clause?

In Gonzalez v. Raich, the Supreme Court held that the Controlled Substances Act could apply to home-grown marijuana that started in and never left California because it could still affect the ...
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"Not for individual resale" - really?

In at least the US and UK lots of items that are sold in multipacks come with a notice on them that often reads: Not for individual resale That always strikes me as slightly odd - it looks like it'...
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Why can ONLY federal authorities regulate interstate commerce?

The Constitution of the United States gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce. It seems the federal courts have held that only Congress, and not state legislatures, can regulate ...
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Do I have to pay for a drink if a vendor cannot accept payment?

Recently I was served a drink at the pub where I intended to pay by debit card and had no alternative payment method available (e.g. cash). The card reader was faulty and I consumed my drink whilst ...
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"Commercial use" clarification

This is something I've run into several times now. A lot of biological samples are shared for research with a caveat in the MTA that they are "not for commercial use". What exactly does this cover? ...
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How does personal drug possession affect interstate commerce?

According to the Controlled Substance Act: § 801. Congressional findings and declarations: controlled substances.... ...(3) A major portion of the traffic in controlled substances flows ...
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Should a foreigner have a US-based company to sell through Amazon cloud-based warehouses?

Let's borrow and expand on Can a foreigner setup an unstaffed company in United States?. Everyone knows that you can rent computing resources from in the cloud, but not many know that they ...
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Company advertising something $100 cheaper than it is

A company is advertising a product on Google for $44. However, after going to their website, I found that the product is $130. After contacting them, they said in the TOS they state this: Product ...
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Are there any restrictions on the taxes or duties a U.S. state can levy?

The U.S. Constitution's "Commerce Clause" (Article I, Section 8) grants the federal government authority to regulate interstate commerce. The same section contains the "Taxing and Spending Clause" ...
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Are there any legal issues for commercial emulator software?

There are many emulators for old computer and game console systems (like C64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, NES, Sega, etc). But all I know about are free and open-source software. I was not able to find ...
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How far does a Creative Commons Non-Commercial restriction reach?

I found an open-source project that is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. (attribution, non-commercial, same license for derivatives) I really like what it does, but I'll have to modify it a bit to fit ...
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