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Is it legal for a retailer to modify a product to remove best before dates and batch numbers?

We manufacture and supply to retailers in the US, via a distributor, a trademarked liquid animal feed product. Recently we have discovered that one of the retailers has been wiping off the best before ...
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Are there any examples of selling unsealed videogame as "new" being illegal?

Contest: over the years, a mayor videogame reseller company that operates in many countries worldwide has made a practice to unwrap the games it sells, putting only an empty box on display. When you ...
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Is it legal to distribute e-books in a company (NL)?

If a company owns copies of several e-books that have commercial licenses, can it distribute these e-books to employees? For instance with software like Koha. If not, is there a common other way to ...
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Bar to win a preliminary injunction to block an M&A deal

This is a thread of tweet about the bar FTC has to meet to block an M&A deal. My question is does this bar only apply to FTC? Is it the ...
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Can you charge for the ability to annotate texts which you are using it under a non-commercial license, where you still show the text for free?

Say a bible text is released with a creative commons non-commercial license (can't use for commercial purposes). Say I then publish that text and make it freely available under the same license, so ...
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Could something like CyberBunker be legally ran in the US?

CyberBunker is the name of a company and Soviet-era nuclear bunker that has been converted to a datacenter in Holland. They made some news a few years ago when they were raided by a SWAT team, but the ...
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Selling from UK to EU as a private seller on an online marketplace with no IOSS number - what to do?

I would like to ask a question that relates to this existing question: Do new VAT rules apply to gifts from non-EU countries? Suppose I am a private, non-business seller on an online marketplace ...
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Is flying an RC aircraft and selling the results of that flight "commercial" flight?

On the Aviation.SE someone asked about the legality of flying RC aircraft. The answers say that commercial flights are verboten But what, precisely, makes it a commercial flight? This infographic ...
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Is it legal for an EU-based online retailer to geoblock non-EU/EEA customers?

The company I work for (based in Germany) offers online courses. The company would like to block users from non-EU/EEA countries (because of taxation complexity when we take payments from outside EU/...
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What US state was this purchase made in?

I wish to file a claim in a class action settlement in the US. However, eligibility is dependent on what state you made a purchase "in" (the purchase being an item from an internet app). If ...
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What responsibility do I have when exporting knives to other country?

Suppose I'm an online shop owner who sells knives, but I don't have the means to learn the law of other countries. Now suppose someone buys a knife from me, but the type of knife is illegal to own ...
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Reselling of grocery store ice cream

Can I buy grocery store bought ice cream and sale it as individual servings (example, in a cone) at my retail store?
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Using OFL SIL font to logo

I have a question. I download FontAwesome (SIL OFL licence 1.1). I took icon- bulb and expand it to curves in vector software. I edit that icon that the icon never look like original anymore. And I ...
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Can a sale be voided after payment has been tendered?

Found a car at a dealership, negotiated price, paid dealership for car, they accepted and deposited my funds (part cashiers check, part credit card charge). After I had paid in full they said, "We're ...
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