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1 answer

What prevents member states of the EU, really, to simply not comply with EU law and simply not do their contributions into the budget?

This question was inspired by the following part of cpast’s answer relating to the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution: “Occasionally, that’s not enough. If a state disobeys the orders of a ...
10 votes
2 answers

What measures can the EU take if there are irregularities in EU parliament elections in a member state?

There are reports of EU citizens denied their voting rights in the UK during the 2019 European Parliament election in the UK. I assume there are ways to report them in the UK. But what can the EU do ...
3 votes
1 answer

When an EU directive is repealed, what happens to member state law?

It's my understanding that when the EU make a directive, member states then transpose it into force, usually with legislation. But what happens when an EU directive is repealed? Do member state laws ...
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1 answer

What TFEU or other EU law provision provides for the veto power of any head of state or government in the European Council?

Simple question, I am looking for the law citation.
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1 answer

What EU law provides for the requirement of unanimity voting of the heads of state or government in the European Council on taxation policy of the EU?

This is a derivative and related question of the question: "What TFEU or other EU law provision provides for the veto power of a head of state in the European Council?" What is the Community ...