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the comparison of law between one country and others.

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Where is a TOS binding without affrimative acceptance? Where is it not?

When a website uses a "browser wrap" or "agreement of adhesion" approach to its Terms of Service (ToS) document, relying on language such as: Each time you access and/or use any ...
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Can someone promote their text-to-speech application that has public figures voices?

Let’s supposed that we have a Text-To-Speech site with public figures voices and we want to make some videos in order to promote it. Our country legislation includes presumed consent for people that ...
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Defense of Others: Using Force Against a Third Party Who Impedes Life-Saving Measures

Can "defense of others" be invoked as a legal defense when a third party prohibits access to life-saving measures for a person? Assume person A's life is in imminent danger. Person B's life-...
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Was nationalisation of energy companies a breach of EU law?

Flaminio Costa v ENEL (1964) Case 6/64 was a landmark decision of the European Court of Justice which established the primacy of European Union law (then Community law) over the laws of its member ...
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Equivalents to California's Ellis Act

According to Wikipedia, The Ellis Act (California Government Code Chapter 12.75)1 is a 1985 California state law that allows landlords to evict residential tenants to "go out of the rental business"...
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