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Is it illegal to tell others to commit crimes?

There's "conspiracy", which seems to involve cooperating on a crime, and "solicitation", which at least in some jurisdictions is written to require that specific actions ...
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Thought experiment: What are some different ways to get the FBI to act or obtain a search warrant on a residence?

Hypothetically, across state lines, say I, discover that someone in another state is engaging in conspiracy to murder myself and someone else around me, across state lines. A thought experiment, and ...
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What crime have you committed if you hire an assassin but cancel the contract?

This came up in comment discussions about analogies in this question. If I hire an assassin to kill someone, I'm presumably guilty of offenses like murder, conspiracy, and solicitation of murder. Even ...
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Can I be convicted of conspiring without an overt action?

Under US law, as far as I understand, a conviction of conspiracy requires at least one overt action. If I was in on the conspiracy but didn't do anything - will I be convicted? Here's an example: me ...
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Can players and coaches be held criminally liable for actions that they take beyond the scope of their game?

Back in 2012, the NFL charged the New Orleans Saints with running a bounty system from 2009 to 2011 with the stated goal of knocking out opposing players via injury thereby improving their odds of ...
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How is Seditious Conspiracy distinguished from ordinary robbery?

Seditious Conspiracy is defined as: If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to [...] or by force to seize, take, ...
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What are you guilty of if you convince someone else to commit murder?

Asking about the law in America... What crimes is a person guilty of if they convince or sweet-talk someone else into committing a murder for them? Are they an accessory or guilty of murder? Cases ...
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If a person keeps making business promises to deliver but does not deliver (Scams), could this be considered a Crime?

I know one person who approaches many business for services and defaults on his promise to deliver. Basically he takes the money and simply runs away. This has happened multiple times and people say ...
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How far does liability extend in a civil conspiracy?

Acme LLC makes widgets. Bob is a member of Acme. Bob tries to take Acme's widget maker, thinking he can operate the machine himself, but breaks it in the process. Of course Bob has also violated his ...
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Why can you be convicted for conspiring to project indecent images into the night-time sky, but not conspiracy to defraud a dead person?

I don't understand the difference between these two examples, because in both cases, the goal is scientifically impossible! What does "if the means used to achieve the purpose are impossible&...
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Is selling forgery-producing equipment a crime in the United States?

There are new opportunities emerging in forgery, including digital forgery of e-documents, deep-fake technology for creating false evidence, and 3D printing of the equipment (e.g., embossing tools) ...
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