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Can Congress' rules be unconstitutional?

I'm very interested in U.S. Constitutional law and do a lot of mock government. One of the questions that I have been considering is whether it is possible for a rule Congress sets for its proceedings ...
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Prosecution of politicians who violate the constitution

When a politician violates the constitution, why aren't they criminally prosecuted? There are plenty of examples out there where a politician passes a law that they most likely know wont stand up in ...
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New Mexico's Governor issues emergency suspending constitutional rights New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Friday issued an emergency order suspending the right ...
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ABRA Powers violative of human rights act

Parliament tomorrow passes the Arbitrary Bullocks Removal Act 2023, entitling (but crucially not obliging; in other words, bestowing a power though not a duty) the minister of Justice to arbitrarily ...
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How (and how come) are US state/federal prosecutors allowed to seal indictments?

I have recently heard Tara Reade (who had accused US president Joseph Biden of sexual attack several decades ago) say, that there has been a sealed indictment against her, for the past 3 years (2020-...
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Is murder unconstitutional?

I've heard a number of times now that the U.S. Constitution regulates the government and not private entities. This is why, for example, private organizations can limit free speech but the government ...
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Can a court-declared unconstitutional law become valid when it's added to the constitution?

Idaho is one of the states with citizen initiative and referendum rights in the state constitution (hereafter referred to as "Init.".) State constitution changes are not allowed under this ...
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In the US, isn't property tax for our house unconstitutional?

We are usually taxed at 1.2%, and that means in 80 years, it is 96% of the house and it is devoured alive. The Constitution said people have the Rights to Properties. It does not says, "People ...
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Can US Congress/government bar a specific foreign country's persons (individuals or firms) from due process clause?

I wanted to ask whether US Congress/government can bar a specific foreign country's persons (individuals or firms) from the due process clause if the US government provided substantial evidence in a ...
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Are there any absolute rights in the US?

Are there any rights that absolutely cannot be denied under any circumstance in the United States?
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