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Is it allowed for a solicitor to advise and represent you while claiming hourly compensation from legal aid but also % of your winnings?

If solicitor gives you services and claims hourly fees from legal aid because you are eligible but also then takes a 15% cut of your final settlement amount, is this allowed or in a sense cheating the ...
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6 answers

Why do some people argue that contingency fees increase lawsuits?

I've seen this argument from a number of people, such as this New York Times article. Most countries do not allow contingent fees ... Allowing contingent fees increases the number of suits. I have ...
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Do I need to register in order to get a commission on a grant or purchase order?

I may be bringing some money in to a startup (up to tens of millions in the form of government grants and/or contracts) and ideally would like a simple contract that says I get X% of what I bring in. ...
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Can I hire a lawyer with contingent pay in the US while from abroad?

We have purchased some equipment online in a pre-order from an U.S. based company. It was divided in 2 different orders: one order of 11 units (with the promise of 1 extra unit for free), and one ...
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