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Do statements made under oath filed with a court give rise to a condition of estoppel?

Bob brings a claim in court and makes a statement in one of his filings which was, for whatever reason, inaccurate/wrong. He then makes statements in a subsequent filing that contradict these. Does ...
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Does the doctrine of contra proferentum apply to court filings as well as contractual terms?

Where there are ambiguous or contradicting terms appearing throughout the text of a contract, it is customary to interpret it in a way that is most contrary to the interests of the party who has ...
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Is a party to a contract who writes it using an LLM considered the author?

Bob is selling a vehicle to Alice. He asks ChatGPT to write a contract, and it does, for some reason, write it. (It has filters in place to prevent users from writing legal documents, but these ...
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