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Contractor does work on the wrong house

I saw a post online where someone (in the UK) is claiming they accidentally went to the wrong house to replace windows and the homeowner let them in, let them perform all the work, and then thanked ...
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Can you sue an underage contractor?

I recently got my garage epoxied. After about a week, it started peeling off. I was wondering if I can sue the contractor as they aren't answering my calls or replying to my messages. The reason I'm ...
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Contract says all information must be kept confidential. Does this mean I cannot outsource?

Let's say there's something like this in the contract: "Without the prior written consent of the other party, no party shall disclose any Confidential Information to any third party" Does ...
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Am I obligated to pursue an invoice?

I recently had a contractor do some work on my house. I was not happy with them at all: They started later than promised, finished later than promised, did not update me on progress, literally forgot ...
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Can a contractor refuse to pay a subcontractor if he doesn't get paid?

Can a contractor refuse to pay a subcontractor until the contractor receives his payment from the company/client? Does it matter if it's in a written contract? Can the buck be passed like that? "...
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Does a performer have a responsibility to acertain copyright permission?

Hypothetical: You are a top-flight vocal performer with numerous recordings, concerts and theatrical roles. You are hired to perform as live entertainment at a major event (political convention, ...
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If my neighbor hires a contractor to repair a shared fence without telling me, am I liable to help pay for it?

So, during one of the tornadoes in March of this year, the shared fence between my property and my neighbor's property was destroyed. My neighbor is a realty company that rents out the single-family ...
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Consulting agreement between my corporation and client also includes me individually

I own a Canadian corporation, which consults on software. Recently, I've been offered a contract with a US company. Instead of making the contract solely with my company, it states that "Consultant" ...
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Is a homeowner liable for the actions of a contractor?

Suppose a homeowner hires a contractor to haul debris off their property to the local dump. Can the homeowner be held liable if the contractor instead just illegally dumps the debris by the side of ...
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Contractor Did Not List His Legal Business Name On Contract. Is The Contract Enforceable?

Hopefully someone here can shed some light on this matter for me. Long story short, I entered into a contract with a general contractor for the construction of my new home. I have been moved into ...
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Best approach for a debt collectors call? [closed]

We are getting debt collection calls from a cabinet contractor who didn't finish the job(we have emails of all punchlist items they have ignored). We have paid 95% of the bill and haven't been ...
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Implications of lots of non-permitted work in a house purchase/sale [closed]

Looking at houses, we have found one that has been completely redone (footings to rafters in many places) but without permits for the most part. The original house was from 1908, it was redone and ...
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Damage to neighbor's utility in the easement on my property

Had some landscaping company do work on my trees. They brought in a tractor machine that damaged a sewer clean out that is at grass level in the utility easement between my property & my neighbor. ...
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Home repair contractor invoicing separately for costs not listed as separate in their proposal

I am located in Pennsylvania, USA and have hired a home improvement contractor to make some repairs, which they are currently in the middle of. In their proposal, which I signed and accepted, there ...
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Can you be required to have a written contract by California?

I was reading the list of the 12 conditions necessary to qualify under as a Business Service Provider (BSP) in California over at
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Can an HVAC installer's warranty be voided if another company works on the system?

After moving into a new home, I had a licensed HVAC company install a whole house humidifier. A few days later, a guy from the builder's HVAC contractor came out to address an airflow issue. When he ...
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Over 3 years to put me back in my house after a fire at the personal cost of over 90k. Who do I sue?

Over 3 years ago I had a fire in my home that is still not ready to move in. After the abatement (6 months) the first contractor decided not to do insurance anymore. Decided not to take the contract, ...
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What legal action will be most likely to succeed in reclaiming money stolen by a contractor? [closed]

I've hired an individual to do various repairs on a mobile home. There were two initial sections that had two handwritten contracts, and they were (mostly) completed. After those two contracts, I gave ...
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Plumber employment

Is there any legal issue with a property management company employing a journeyman plumber to do plumbing jobs in house? The management company only manages related party owned properties, ...
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Is a USA employer required to provide worker's compensation insurance to a contractor if the contractor signed away the insurance?

Is a USA employer required to provide worker's compensation to a contractor if the contractor signed away that insurance and said such employer is not required to provide?
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How long does a contractor or retailer have to complete a project after a deposit is given

Suppose a person A is building a new dwelling. In order to receive a certificate of occupancy from my municipality A needs to meet building code requirements - A needs to have a bathroom sink ...
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Berkeley Min Wage: what if you are only required to do 5 minutes of work?

Berkeley has a minimum wage law but it is set to 18.07 per hour. How does this work if work is divided into minutes? Separately, does 18.07 per hour comprise 18.07 minimum per day? Also, what are the ...
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Contractor's lender asking contractor's client for money [closed]

Suppose someone hires a contractor do some work. The client paid all in full, except on the last payment, the contractor asked the client to write it to him instead of company. Two weeks later, the ...
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Can an independent contractor from Zimbabwe have a bank account in South Africa to receive income from a South African company?

In a case where a South African company has contracted independent contractors from for example Zimbabwe or other foreign countries, is it legal for the independent contractor to be paid into a South ...
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