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Exerting unauthorized use or control of someone else's property. Differs from Theft in that it does not include the element of intending to deprive the owner of permanent possession of that property. As such, it is a lesser offense than the crime of theft. Conversion often exists as both a civil and a criminal offense.

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8 votes
2 answers

Stealing or obtaining ownership by fraud?

Scenario: John Doe goes to a car dealership and arranges to buy a car. He pays with a personal check, and the dealership accepts payment and signs over ownership to Mr. Doe. Mr. Doe goes a few ...
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Do milk crates have registered owners?

Is there an actual milk crate registration system? What is the law by which use by other than the registered owner is punishable? Is there an index I can use to see who these milk crates are ...
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Can the owner of a private establishment confiscate the personal property of a trespasser?

While I was reading this article, this line caught my eye: Anyone seen videotaping in any capacity will be deemed trespassing and will be escorted out by security. Your video equipment may or may ...
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Which takes precedence, conversion or bankruptcy?

Suppose Mr. Investor gives $50,000 to Mr. X to invest in his business. And suppose instead of investing in the business, Mr. X gives the $50,000 to his brother, a day or so later. That would be ...
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What happens when someone sells a found item?

I got into a discussion about finder's law yesterday. I live in Canada, so that's the law we were looking at, but I'd be interested in law from any jurisdiction. Most of our discussion was based on ...
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Legal remedy for car being held hostage in a parking garage?

I ran into a weird situation a few days ago. I parked in a parking garage and when I later went to leave the pay machines were marked "cash only" because their credit card processing system was broken....
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If a good is stolen, does the previous possessor have an indefinite immediate right to possession of that good? (Until it's returned)

To be more specific, the hypothetical scenario is a little more complex. I am also wondering about the remedies that may be awarded. This refers to tort law. Say, A bought an unregistered motorbike in ...
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Can a Christian convert marry a non-Christian girl under Indian Christian Marriage Act?

I am a Christian in India who recently got converted from Hinduism. I am in love with a woman who's a Hindu. I was thinking about marrying her in the Church I am a member of, but she pointed out that ...
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Can Right to Chattel be Challenged during Pre-Trial Phase?

Suppose the plaintiff has filed a trespass/conversion tort in federal court, but the chattel they are asserting a right to is not actually theirs. I understand that in some sense, and to some extent (...
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Property Ownership of a deceased child

Interesting and confusing situation posed to me.. When there are multiple households a child lives within, who retains ownership of items provided to a child by one parent if said child passes? So far:...
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3 answers

Does Paypal have the authority to charge for currency conversion?

Paypal charges somewhere around 4% to convert US dollars to Aussie dollars when they pay me. What is this fee for? All conversions are computerised now. I have written them and they don't respond. To ...
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Can the victim of a conversion recover money from a vendor to a converter?

Suppose B "converted" money entrusted to him by A. B then turns around and buys goods, say a car, from C using the converted funds. A can sue B for conversion, of course. But can A sue C as the ...
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Alice stole a package from Bob. Is it legal? [closed]

Alice stole Bob's Amazon package and opened it. It contained sheets of processed wood, 216 by 365 millimeters. Is this legal?
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