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when are attorney’s fees recoverable by a prevailing party?

In the American rule it is only in certain infrequently occurring circumstances that a prevailing party can recover legal costs. What are these circumstances?
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In the real case represented in the Travolta film A Civil Action, why didn't plaintiffs just wait for the EPA report?

The film A Civil Action starred John Travolta as plaintiffs’ attorney Schilchtmann. It tells the true story of the plaintiffs’ efforts to establish the liability of two corporate defendants (Beatrice ...
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Can/do people sue for costs only when debt is already paid

Suppose one party owes another something (because of contract or tort, I presume the exact reason doesn't matter). The debtor refuses to pay so the creditor instructs a solicitor to send them a ...
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Is award of attorney fees and legal costs in U.S. deterministic?

There's a large space I will call "medium claims" in which lawyers are required for a plaintiff to seek judicial remedies, but the cost of litigation vs. the potential recovery leaves too much ...
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Can litigants in person claim other costs than their time?

Suppose an in person litigant wins their case. Now suppose they wish to seek costs from their counterpart. Typically this is assessed at £19ph. But what if this litigant was disabled, for example ...
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How rarely do costs not follow the event?

There is a classic textbook case held up as an exceptional demonstration of how the two are not strictly coupled, where one party prevailed and won £25000 damages or thereabouts but because the ...
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Does the legal aid agency get compensated for legally aided cases that are successful?

Suppose that A, represented by a legally aided lawyer, sues B, and their claim fails. Then B may be able to claim costs against A, and if they are awarded, then legal aid will cover the costs order. ...
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Is the cost of recovering a suicidal person's body deducted from their estate?

If a person committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in a remote rural area in New Mexico and it cost the authorities a lot of money to recover their dead body would those costs be deducted from ...
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