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Council Tax Rebate was sent to the wrong person

I have been renting a London flat since May 2021 and I had informed the council about the move. I even contacted them later on for other issues (environmental and nuisance). When I first moved in, I ...
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Do occasional guests forfeit one's single person discount?

Alice lets Bob crash on her sofa 1 or 2 days per week. Is she still entitled to a single person discount for council tax?
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Are asylum seekers, or refugees, liable for council tax?

It would make more sense i suppose for those with pending applications who are unable to work. But just wondering. Seen some pages online that are vague about it.
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What is a landlords obligation and method of informing local authorities of a new tenant's occupancy?

What is the channel or method by which landlords communicate of a new tenants residence in a property to a council? And are they required to do this? Bonus points for the same thing but about ...
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What happens if one neglects, or declines, to pay one's council tax?

This link suggests that there are possibly no criminal implications, either summary or indictable, which is a little counter intuitive and somewhat hard to believe. As a form of tax, one would expect ...
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