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Held liable for negligently allowing counterfeit?

Suppose Alice runs a bar in the US, so patrons must be 21 or older. Bob comes to the bar with a fake ID, and Alice allows him to order drinks. Normally if Bob were caught, it seems that there would be ...
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Is buying counterfeit goods illegal?

There are fake Rolexs being sold on the internet for around £250. This is illegal, and those engaged in selling such items have been charged with unauthorised use of a trademark. It appears that ...
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2 answers

Can a company choose to destroy a potentially counterfeit collectible that is offered to them?

I've recently read a thread on Reddit from the world of collectible card games that I found very interesting. Here's my summary of what the poster on Reddit describes has happened to them: I have ...
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"Counterfeiting" Ethereum tokens: is it considered illegal?

ERC20 tokens are cryptocurrencies built upon the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens can be used for buying, selling,smart contracts, etc. See more information here:
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Is it legal to sell suspected or proven counterfeit US currency?

If someone ends up with suspected counterfeit US currency, what can they do with it? Obviously tendering it for goods or services would be illegal. Handing it in for analysis and eventual ...
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What is the difference between "tamper," "alter," and "mutilate"

For example the words given here Whoever falsely makes, forges, counterfeits, mutilates, or alters any passport or instrument purporting to be a passport, with intent that the same may be used; ...
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Who can claim ownership of pirated goods?

I recently got into a discussion about copyright and ownership. The person was arguing that when you illegally copy an item, then the copy is owned by the original author. As such he argues that they ...
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Can You Be Prosecuted Under US Law for Counterfeiting Foreign Currency?

Let's imagine that I'm a person living in the US who wants to counterfeit foreign currency and then convert it into US dollars. Let's say it's the currency of a country that the US doesn't really have ...
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