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When and where are decisions by the various tiers of the county court binding?

Apparently there is only one county “court,” in that the county court throughout all of England if not also Wales is really just one big court that sits in various different locations throughout the ...
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When are county court decisions binding upon the “London region” of the county court?

And what unites or defines the “London region”?
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Do general forms of judgments require judicial names or signatures?

Does Form N24 of the county court (general form of judgment or order) require a judge’s name or signature? If so, then what is the effect of one missing them? Does it have any implications on the ...
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Is it normal for district judges first instance decisions to be appealed to circuit judges in other locations?

A judgment from clerkenwell and Shoreditch county court district judge (swan) was appealed to a circuit (?) judge in central London (Luba). Isn’t the point of a circuit judge that they are the more ...
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What connections do different locations of county court in Greater London area have with one another? [duplicate]

Do county courts throughout the London area share any closer of a connection than do a county court in Bristol and one in York? And how do they all bind each other? It has been said in past answers ...