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The Judge would not allow a guilty plea at the arraignment, and put in a plea of not guilty. What comes next? [closed]

From my research, the most likely reason is that the judge was only following procedure, when it became apparent the client did not have legal counsel. In this case, the client is charged with ...
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Is evidence of rumours of a defendant's racism unhelpful in a defamation case involving accusations of cheating?

Defendant accuses Plaintiff of cheating in a competition. Plaintiff sues Defendant for defamation. Plaintiff has heard rumours that Defendant is racist. Assuming these could be substantiated in some ...
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Would it be / have been unhelpful for Hans Niemann to bring up Magnus Carlsen's own cheating?

This is about the Carlsen–Niemann controversy asked about previously: Why don't courts punish time-wasting tactics? How can Magnus Carlsen, a Norwegian, be sued for defamation by Hans Niemann in ...
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Is it a tactic to not ask a key question during a deposition?

I know that normally an attorney wil ask the questions they plan to ask at trial at the deposition to reduce the chance for surprises, such as an answer they don't expect. However, suppose there is a ...
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