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For questions about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on laws and other regulations, legal process and proceedings, and legality of action. Consider adding a location tag if the question is specific to a particular jurisdiction.

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When will Pfizer et. al. be liable for injuries caused by the COVID-19 vaccine?

According to the PREP act, the companies developing and administering the COVID-19 vaccines cannot be sued for unintentional injuries resulting from the vaccine. I have seen enough commercials ...
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Can Rand Paul be sued for negligent transmission of COVID-19?

Note: I am not wanting to make this political. Please do not attempt to address political aspects of this situation or rail one way or the other. My question would be exactly the same if the facts ...
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Criminal transmission of COVID-19? Knowingly exposing vulnerable individuals

This is a related question. The difference here is that the other question is asking about criminal negligence; someone doing something without considering the harm it may cause. My question is about ...
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Does the New York State Governor have the authority to impose fines?

The New York State Governor has allegedly declared a "fine for violations of the state's social distancing protocol from $500 to $1,000...." The government website claiming that declaration ...
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Are Ontario municipalities allowed to stop issuing marriage licenses during COVID-19?

Some Ontario cities, such as Waterloo say on their website: "Due to COVID-19, marriage licences will be suspended until further notice." Here is a screenshot, in case the website changes. ...
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Mask mandate for unvaccinated employees and privacy

Is it legal for an employer such as a public school (in the US) to impose a mask mandate on only unvaccinated employees, or would that be a violation of those employees ADA or HIPPA rights? It seems ...
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Is ignorance of the law a valid excuse for not following emergency laws with no warning period?

Yesterday in Melbourne, Australia a State of Disaster was declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new set of emergency laws came into effect, including an 8pm curfew, no travelling beyond a 5km ...
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Being Billed for Services Not Rendered During Lockdown (UK, 2020)

My accommodation for the 2019/20 academic year included certain housekeeping benefits---these are in-built into the price, not billed separately. The exactly details are not so important, but the UK ...
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Harassment in Pandemic

What is the legal term (so that the relevant statute can be looked up) for when someone follows you around with the intent of harassing you and does not maintain 6ft social distancing for coronavirus ...
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"Discrimination" due to COVID-19 Certificate requirements

Many European countries issue COVID-19 Certificates (with varying names), that indicate whether a person is vaccinated, has recovered or has been tested. Access to some locations (restaurants, cinemas,...
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End of tenancy and COVID notice period

I'm in England, UK. I own a flat which I rent out, and live elsewhere with my girlfriend. We broke up and I need to go back to my flat. Under COVID law, I need to give 6 months' notice to my tenants, ...
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Is it possible to leave canada by train or car unvaccinated and vice versa?

Can an unvaccinated Canadian citizen or noncitizen leave the country by car or train and likewise return by car or train?
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Planning on signing a new apartment lease - can I get back a nonrefundable holding deposit due to natural disaster (i.e. COVID-19)?

Recently I put down a holding deposit for an apartment I intend to move into next month (April 1). However, with the spread of COVID-19, moving in 2 weeks' time could be risky, or potentially ...
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Who ordered the masks in American airports?

I'm travelling recently for the first time in a while. I understand the scope of the mask orders: in the airports and on the planes. What confuses me is what authority ordered it and where does that ...
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Frustration of Tenancy Agreement (Covid-19) [closed]

My daughter is out of the country for about 6 weeks returning Feb 10 at which time she will be required to quarantine for 14 days, not allowed to leave her suite or permit anyone entering. Her 1 ...
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