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Questions tagged [creative-commons]

For questions regarding the Creative Commons suite of copyright licenses, created by the organization of the same name.

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How can an inherited copyright be released under a Creative Commons license?

Alice created a work and died without publishing it. Bob and Charlie jointly inherited the copyright. Bob wants to release it under a Creative Commons license without involving Charlie. Can he do this?...
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Does SolveForum abide by the CC BY-SA licence for StackExchange content?

I have noticed that SolveForum is replicating StackExchange questions, particularly their Biology Forum which seems to be replicating the Biology StackExchange questions (but not answers). While this ...
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What determines (commercial) "use" for e-book or online blog?

I've been trying to understand the parameters of what defines "use" of an e-book or a blog. I'm specifically considering the Creative Commons CC-BY-ND license. Some uses are simple: you can'...
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Why does Creative Commons explictly state they're not a law firm?

When I read Creative Commons licenses, I noticed that they always clearly state that they (Creative Commons) are not a law firm, the public licenses are distributed as-is without any liability and ...
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What's the most similar license to CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-SA but for source code?

The Creative Commons Foundation recommends against using the Creative Commons (CC) licenses for software. What's the most similar license to CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-SA but for source code? To avoid ...
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How to attribute video under CC BY licence 3.0

I want to use video from youtube, which is under CC BY licence 3.0 on another resources, where might be or might be not description section. I was thinking, that I can just add attribution "...
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CC-BY-NC (or CC-BY-NC-SA) technical tutorials

This question is about using material under non-commercial licenses, rather than distributing them. There are quite a few technical tutorials out there that are licensed under non-commercial CC ...
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CC YouTube Ad Revenue

With Creative Commons, imagine that I have a Blender (3D animation) file where in combination with the Blender program, people can freely create their own modification of my animation located inside ...
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Help with "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License"

I have a dataset to be used for Data Science research. This dataset (will be referenced henceforth as the "Original Dataset"), is licensed (to the best of my knowledge) under CCA-NC-ND. I ...
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Copyright with clipart images under Creative Commons

I want to make cards with pictures (to assist kids to visualise their activities) and offer these cards free of payment on my blog. I am not good at art and so I need to use images from the Internet. ...
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If a SAAS product exposes an API using data licensed under "Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International", do clients have to also attribute?

If a SAAS product partially uses data distributed under the "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License", and makes that data available through an API. Do clients of the company,...
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Does Wikipedia's Creative Commons License Apply to Data that's Inferred from Their Data Set?

Below, I have described a case example: A chemistry web site allows users to search on chemical compounds in order to find other similar chemicals. The chemical similarity is determined based on the ...
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