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Is it legal for a company to make products specifically designed to fail immediately after the warranty expires? [duplicate]

Suppose that Bob's Electronics Company makes a smartphone with a one-year warranty. The phone's firmware has code which checks whether or not the warranty is current when booting, and if the warranty ...
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Is a crime committed by using a made bed in an unused bedroom?

Bob once noticed that a particular door’s remote entry system was misconfigured (thus not properly locking the door upon it being closed) at an inpatient facility and that upon entering, there is a ...
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Is there liablility if Alice startles Bob and Bob damages something?

The other day I saw a random clip on YouTube, where Alice sneaks up to Bob, who is vacuuming, and scares Bob. Bob gets startled and swings the vacuum into (Bob's own) expensive television, breaking ...
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Does the XR vs. Shell case create precedent for environmental activism being necessary?

Six Extinction Rebellion activists were charged with criminal damage to the Shell HQ building in London’s Waterloo in April 2019. All admitted the actions, and five of the six relied on the defense ...
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Is it illegal to deface graffiti in England?

From this site - In England and Wales, graffiti is considered an act of criminal damage under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 and offenders can be ...
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Is chalk a form of graffiti in Ohio?

Just curious because children keep drawing chalk in my neighbor’s and my driveway. I am also curious, do we have the right to regulate street laws on the street we live on?
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What are the consequenses of reporting criminal damage by my partner? [closed]

My domestic partner - we are unmarried - has maliciously destroyed a computer belonging to me (approx value £2000) following an argument. I don't want to respond in kind, but I want to send a signal ...
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