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Questions tagged [cryptocurrency]

Questions concerning the laws on creating, using, transfering and realising cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin service regulations

Most governments don't consider Bitcoin to be currency, so it's somewhat of a legal gray zone regarding regulation. I know most exchanges must follow KYC/AML systems because they trade with fiat too, ...
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Legal to mine bitcoin when on U.K. benefits?

I am a uk citizen lining in England who is currently on ESA benefits since I cannot work at the moment. I understand that I am only allowed a certain amount of money in my name at a time and if I ...
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How to find a US lawyer for consultation in the open-source + banking + blockchain space?

Considering writing open-source software in the banking/cryptocurrency space (in the USA). Want to do it properly, and have a few questions for how to navigate the space. What's the type of lawyer I ...
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If I create smart contracts for my clients on fiverr, upwork, etc., can I be arrested in Bangladesh?

The legality of cryptocurrency is a bit tricky in Bangladesh. A cautionary notice issued by the Bangladesh bank on December 24, 2017, said: My translation: Recently, it has been known from various ...
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Do I need to register as a Money Service Business for a cryptocurrency trading platform?

According to the U.S. Department of Treasury FinCen: Money Service Business Definition. The term "money services business" includes; any person doing business, whether or not on a regular basis or ...
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What requirements does the CFTC vs Ooki DAO Default Judgment place on token holders?

On June 8th, 2023 the District Court, N.D. California awarded default judgment against Ooki DAO for allowing illegal trading of digital assets, engaging in activities only allowed by registered ...
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Cybercrime use of cryptocurrency and stolen goods laws

I've been wondering if this line of reasoning has been tried anywhere in the world, successfully or unsuccessfully. It seems improbable that I'm the first to think of it ... A cryptocurrency is a bit ...
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"Counterfeiting" Ethereum tokens: is it considered illegal?

ERC20 tokens are cryptocurrencies built upon the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens can be used for buying, selling,smart contracts, etc. See more information here:
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Is in-browser crypto mining legal?

Can I get sued when using an opt-in (prompt the user to accept before starting the miner) crypto miner like coinhive or mineralt on my website in the US/EU?
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Verifying the law around hosting an online crypto casino in the US

Can a site operator, resident in the USA in a state that doesn't allow online gambling, legally run an online casino site, provided that the site Terms And Services document states: it is ...
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Are flash loan attacks legal?

A new form of "money making activity" has emerged in recent years, the flash loan attack. In very rough terms, a loan of some cryptocurrency is taken out, the cryptocurrency is used in some ...
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Avoid Capital Gain Tax Selling Borrowed Tokens

I live in UK, but wouldn't mind to get responses related to any jurisdiction. better explain with an example: I buy 180Tokens at $0.10 price. 1 year later I still have those 180Tokens. I freeze ...
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Are there any cases in which click fraud is legal?

I recently had an idea for a small cryptocurrency in which instead of paying with real money, you pay with clicks on pay-per-click ads and a portion of the revenue that the website makes off of that ...
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is reselling virtual "in game" items legal in the USA?

If I were to buy virtual in game items through third party websites which is against the game's TOS with bitcoin then resell them for more money is that legal?
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