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Do legal tender laws prevent "no cash" restaurants?

This story about restaurants that only accept electronic payment set me wondering. I know that under legal tender laws a business can set a policy on what forms of payment it will accept, but that ...
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Is it legal to use counterfeit money as defense against burglars and robbers?

I have produced small amounts of counterfeit money, I keep this in a few wallets in a few rooms in my house. When going outside I always have one such wallet with me in case I get robbed. Is using ...
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Is it legal to earn money via selling online currency (videogame)?

(Europe/Netherlands) Let's say I'm a World of Warcraft or Runescape player, in these games there are certain prices for gold, for example a X amount of ingame Runescape money might be worth a Y ...
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When does it become illegal to exchange bitcoin for cash?

I've read several "stings" and raids for running unlicensed money transfer businesses for people buying and selling bitcoin on localbitcoins. All of the articles are extremely vague and don't explain ...
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Hypothetical: Is a fully disclosed pyramid scheme legal?

I see that hypotheticals don't typically go over to well on this SE site but I'll give this a shot. EDIT: I originally posted as 'Ponzi' but I meant 'pyramid' Was talking with a friend tonight about ...
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Can someone deny cash as the payment method?

There are a few restaurants in my area where cash payments are not accepted. They only accept electronic payments such as credit cards, local debit cards, etc. Is this legal? On most currencies, it is ...
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Is it legal to keep a small amount of cash I found on the street?

I found a £5 note on the street tucked under some leaves a few months ago while walking a route I regularly walked. There was nobody around and there are no shops near to where I found the note for me ...
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Legality of Virtual Currency to Purchase Real World Items

A while ago, I saw a company called Listia which would permit users to sign up and attain some amount of Credits. These Credits could then be used to purchase real-world items on the site, such as ...
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Is a school legally required to accept pennies as payment?

At my public high school in Florida, Seniors are required to pay for parking in the Senior parking lot. There is a student who doesn't like that he has to pay, so in order to spite them he went to ...
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Which country's laws apply to a gambling website?

I´m thinking of starting a Gambling site based on Steam Skins currency. This would transfer to virtual currency and the skins deposited to private profiles. The problem here is that I wonder if I´m ...
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Can an employer force an employee to donate to a charity?

Can an employer force an employee to donate to a charity and is it legal that they know how much an employee contributes? This is in the U.S. with a large global corporation.
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Is it legal to sell currency at a price lower than face value?

Here is something that I thought would make a fun PR stunt to promote my business. I stand on the corner of a busy street corner in San Francisco, or any large city, dressed well, say in a business ...
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US states and legal tender (money)

I was of the understanding that all governmental bodies inside the US were required to accept all forms of legal tender. In other words, if you owed a $1,000 fine to the federal, state, or local ...
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Is it legal to commercially sell U.S. currency for LESS than its face value

While wasting time on Facebook I ran across this advertisement: "Get your hands on a $2 Bill in uncirculated condition for only $1" In the back of my head, something's telling me it isn't ...
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Any obligation to return an accidental second payout?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), if you receive an item you did not order - it should be considered as a gift - and you are not obligated to pay for it - or return it. Question is, ...
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