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For questions directly relating to currency, its use and legalities - not just when currency is involved

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Bitcoin service regulations

Most governments don't consider Bitcoin to be currency, so it's somewhat of a legal gray zone regarding regulation. I know most exchanges must follow KYC/AML systems because they trade with fiat too, ...
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Is theft of virtual currency prosecutable?

My friend and I play a virtual game called Second Life. In this game there is virtual currency called Linden dollars that you can either earn within Second Life from other players through virtual ...
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Legal to mine bitcoin when on U.K. benefits?

I am a uk citizen lining in England who is currently on ESA benefits since I cannot work at the moment. I understand that I am only allowed a certain amount of money in my name at a time and if I ...
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Is dyed money legal tender?

It is in the news that a bank distributed bank notes with dye on them, assumed to be Intelligent banknote neutralisation system (IBNS). It is reported that in one instance this was for mortgage ...
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Buying in-game currency but not receiving what you pay for with the in-game currency

I am in a somewhat debate with a friend regarding in-game currency. TLDR: I told him I could have a case if the game I bought in-game currency for would provide the in-game currency, but when I buy a ...
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Why is it legal to look at pending stock orders for some participants

another question indicates that market participants can take a look at the orders for a stock, option or futures. An ordinary investor can only look at the BID and ASK, but not the entire series of ...
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How can a US agency refuse to accept certain US banknotes?

It has just come to my attention that the US embassy in Bern, Switzerland, accepts US dollars for the payment of passport fees only if the notes were after 2006: U.S. Embassy Bern Payment Options: ......
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Do I need to register as a Money Service Business for a cryptocurrency trading platform?

According to the U.S. Department of Treasury FinCen: Money Service Business Definition. The term "money services business" includes; any person doing business, whether or not on a regular basis or ...
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Is it legal to create your own currency in the EU?

In the European Union, and more particularly in France, is it legal for an association to create its own private currency?
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Is it illegal to use $ dollar to indicate in game currencies?

I'm creating a game where the player earns money while playing, my question is, could it be considered illicit or misleading to use the dollar sign ($) after the current amount of money in-game. I'm ...
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Slot Machine Uses Fake Money Still Illegal?

So I have a friend who wants to build a slot-machine or similar device for an event operating in Connecticut. According to them it will only be operable with a certain type of fake currency (like ...
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Is exchanging Indian currency at premium legal?

Is exchanging/selling Indian currency notes, like the ones which have special sequences numbers or are extra old (antique), at premium legally allowed?
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