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Is it illegal to act against the parents' wishes when taking care of a minor?

When taking care of a minor with permission of the parents, what is the legal force of any rules the parents set? For example, if I look after someone's child, and they tell me the child may not ...
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History of "Miranda warnings" before the Miranda ruling

In the U.S.A., statements made by persons under arrest who have not been notified of their right to remain silent have been considered inadmissible in criminal trials at least since the ruling in ...
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How long can one be held in custody following arrest for s12 Terrorism offences?

3 individuals were reportedly arrested on the afternoon of 13/01 on suspicion of supporting a proscribed organisation (namely Hamas) contrary to section 12 Terrorism Act 2000 and are still not ...
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3 answers

Can a surrogate be guilty of kidnapping?

If the pregnant party/surrogate mother, during the pregnancy, formed a bond with her unborn baby(s) such that she felt she could not give them up and so she decided to leave, give birth and keep the ...
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Are wills that easily contested?

I've seen multiple situations in TV shows, fictional and nonfictional, where wills or other expressions of post-mortem wishes have been contested for reasons that seemed trivial. One was a man who ...
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Infidelity and child support

Lets say hypothetically I got married and had a child. Five years later my wife sleeps with several other men but I don't have proof of this. I wish to attempt to gain full custody of the child, ...
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What are the minimum requirements for obtaining joint custody in Arkansas? [closed]

State: Arkansas. A parent wishes to obtain joint custody for a 3-year-old child. What are the minimum requirements for the following: Apartment: Is it necessary for a parent to have a 2-bedroom ...
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1 answer

What recourse do I have if my car was broken into while in police impound?

My car was being held as part of an investigation, while it was in police custody, it was broken into and personal effects were stolen along with the catalytic converter, it was one of several cars. A ...
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Reduce risk of large child support payments for life [duplicate]

Lets say hypothetically there is a man and a women. The man makes a relatively high income and is involved romantically with the women. The women asks the man frequently to have a child with her. The ...
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6 answers

If a man's name is on the birth certificate, but all were aware that he is not the blood father, and the couple separates, is he responsible legally?

Mother was already pregnant with twins when they got back together. She asked him to be on the birth certificate so that the bio dad couldn't have any claims on them. The bio dad has not ever even ...
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Anti Money Laundering (AML) information on the beneficial owner for clients of a custodian

A custodian bank has a client which is an investment arranger. The funds of the investment arranger's clients are held at the custodian. The custodian has flagged one of the investment arranger's ...
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Have a child but reduce the risk of child support [duplicate]

Lets say a Man and a Women agree to have a child. But the Man want's to make sure that before they have a child the man is granted full custody over the child and that the women can never file for ...
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3 answers

Can you appeal a case after a higher court renders a favorable opinion about a law?

In the U.S. Supreme Court's case, 'Monasky v. Taglieri', an opinion was rendered regarding how jurisdiction findings related to 'Habitual Residence' under the Hague Convention are determined. Could ...
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2 answers

Child kidnap - Enforce return to country of origin of children visiting the USA

Scenario: A divorced US citizen (call him "parent A") living abroad plans a trip to the US with their and "parent B"'s child (under 18 yo). Before leaving the country of origin, A ...
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Can a person sign a contract committing to never taking an ex-spouse to Family Court?

Can a person sign a contract committing to never taking an ex-spouse to Family Court? For example, as part of a divorce agreement, my (soon to be) ex-spouse wants me to put money aside in escrow that ...
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Are Wayne Couzens's and Julian Assange's food offerings the same as that one would receive in a custody suite if they were arrested?

They are long term prisoners in Belmarsh maximum security prison. Are the regulations governing food offerings for UK detainees the same regardless of the legal context of their detention?