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When I am considered as a customer?

I have bought a digital service for 12 months now I want a refund because it didn't work but they told me that there is a law that says if i am not considered as a customer they can't refund me. I ...
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Which airline is legally responsible for undue charges in a multi-stop flight booking

I booked a multi-stop international flight from Qatar airways website, and the receipt clearly states that 1 piece of checked-in baggage is included in the price. In fact, for each leg separately it ...
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Tour operator asks for undue money

Some time ago I purchased a trip from a leading tour operator in Germany (I’m resident of a close-by country). They asked me to provide them with a credit/debit card details so they can collect €1000 ...
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Are an AI's claims on behalf of a company enforceable?

TLDR: If an AI system on behalf of a company makes a claim, is the company compelled to abide by that claim? Background: I was hoping to sign up for an account with a leading AI company in order to ...
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