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What are the implications of the Good Friday Agreement for customs controls?

After the Good Friday Agreement was concluded, customs and security controls between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom were removed (From Wikipedia). The Irish border is one of the major ...
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Is there a requirement for DHS CBP to provide a phone call for detainees claiming to be Americans?

Francisco Erwin Galicia was stopped at US DHS-CBP checkpoint and held 23 days incommunicado in Texas. If he made the claim that he was an American, are authorities required to provide him with a ...
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Do I have to pay customs taxes for a returned article?

I live in France, I ordered an item from the United States and I didn't like it. I returned it and the parcel status is: Inbound Into Customs, Your item is being processed by United States Customs. ...
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How to avoid paying tax/customs for replacing missing items on imported goods

If I were to order something from a business outside of the EU (the UK) to Germany and paid for the tax (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer) and the processing/handling (Auslagepauschale), but it turns out an item ...
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Forged signature in DHL Invoice

My sister in India sent her dysfunctional iphone to me in the UK through DHL. She signed some paperwork and was charged Rs. 4300 for the transfer. She did not quote a value for the product nor did she ...
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International purchase for a family member

I have little experience with the law, so I wanted to ask about my situation before I take any action. A cousin asked me to purchase an item on Amazon and send it to them internationally via UPS (I ...
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Is there a fully legal way to pay EU customs as a recipient without post handling fee?

Note: I'm not sure this belongs to this site, so feel free to point me to where I can investigate or migrate the question. I live in Belgium, Europe. I often order items from outside the EU, because ...
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Is it legal to import a whip to England for use as decoration?

I would like to know if it is legal to import a whip to England, for use as decoration. According to a UK Government Webpage Offensive weapons which are designed to kill or inflict serious injury ...
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