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Access rights to professional photographs

An independent professional photographer uses a sales tactic of candidly taking photos of others in public and then approaching them and offering them copies for a price. Suppose one of these ...
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Is it legal to store Singapore user data outside Singapore?

I am based out of india and has intent to launch the website in Singapore for singapore usesr where datastores and webservers will be hosted on data center in india. Is there any data protect act in ...
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What is the U.K. GDPR?

I understand that the DPA implemented the GDPR in British law as an act of Parliament. Then there was Brexit, and the U.K. GDPR was introduced to stand in for the no longer binding EU GDPR, with only ...
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Is it a breach of GDPR and DPA to say a colleague is sick and off work?

This is a hypothetical question. Suppose a customer calls asking for a colleague, call her Alice, and Bob answers the phone and tells the customer that Alice is off sick with the flu. The customer ...
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Restricting processing of data provided to police

Suppose that a person A would like to report a crime of which they’ve become a victim, to the police. For this purpose the police typically require the victim’s date of birth in order to create a ...
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Is the local presence of a foreign non-GDPR state a data controller subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018?

Consider that state X is not subject to the gdpr, however, it has a diplomatic presence in the UK. If the state were a tech company that operated in or even simply offered services to people in, the ...