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Is it legal to scrape a website and create my own database?

I'm working on a website that needs a database which is available publically on another site (let's just says it is IMDB). It'd be great if I could create my database by scraping IMDB. It'll be a one-...
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Is one liable if illegal material is found on one's own server?

This question was prompted by a news article I read earlier today, in which a person described the dilemma they faced on discovering illegal material had been stored by an unidentified third party on ...
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It is legal to save and index a copy of any leaked database?

I'm wondering if it is legal to use a copy of a leaked database like the leaked Adobe database containing email addresses, encrypted passwords and password hints. I can imagine it won't be legal to ...
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Is Encrypted Intellectual Property still considered Intellectual Property?

TL;DR I posted a question yesterday; the answer to which gave me a new question: Is Encrypted Intellectual Property still considered Intellectual Property in most (or, relevant) cases? Here's some ...
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My child's name is "Robert'); drop table *;--" Am I in trouble?

(Source: So with the upcoming birth of my first child, I suggested the name "Robert'); drop table *;--". While I was quickly told that wasn't going to happen, I have to wonder ...
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For HIPAA, Does US Patient Data Have To Stay On US Servers?

For an application that stores US patient data, does HIPAA require that US data stays on US servers?
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Does any host provider currently comply with GDPR?

According to Rec.81; Art.28(1)-(3) of the GDPR regulation, "The carrying-out of processing by a processor should be governed by a contract or other legal act under Union or Member State law, binding ...
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Is consent required for paying, corporate subscribers of a B2B website?

I was intrigued by this question: Why is the Google Analytics cookie defined as "strictly necessary" and saved without consent?, and how GDPR/E-Privacy applies to paying, corporate ...
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Which, if any, data protection laws apply?

I am the DBA (Database Administrator) of an online group. We store a few bits of personal data for our members. Name, Age, Email. Nothing huge. The rest of the data is specific to our group. I don't ...
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Is scraping a database by an undocumented API endpoint illegal?

Simple question: I want to get specific data, but the API does not have the endpoint I want, so what I want to do is scrape the database for the resources and then use my own filtering to retrieve and ...
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