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Need computer forensic case citation (urgent)

My mother is about to attend court over a car which was written off by a lorry. The CCTV video recording of the accident was mishandled, such as the storage SD card not being imaged, it was also ...
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GDPR data deletion: can I ask the company to delete the data it had exported in the United States?

I am located in Italy. I have subscribed to a service and provided some PII that "could be exported in the United States". If I send a GDPR request to delete my data, can I ask them to also ...
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Russian data sovereignty compliance

So there's new law requiring a copy of personal data of Russian citizens in effect since September 2015. I can't read Russian, and Western press in languages I can read is a little vague on the actual ...
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Can communication companies simply decline to record communication data?

I understand that companies that involve digital communications can, at least in the US, be forced to hand over communication data in specific contexts. But storing so much data must be highly ...
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Mendeley is encrypting my data on my hard disk with a key only available to them: can I ask for unencrypted data under GDPR?

I use Mendeley Desktop to manage my bibliography. Now I want to switch to Zotero. Zotero used to be able to import the Mandeley's database. However, Mendeley 1.19 encrypted my data on my HDD with a ...
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Liability for data when reselling used data storage (US)

If I purchase used storage media from a company, what is my liability for the data that it may contain? As a standard practice, all such media would be wiped. However, secure data destruction is not ...
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Can app manufacturers collect and store minors' data?

United States/New York State here, but I'm interested in any answers, even generic ones that are jurisdiction-agnostic. I am a software developer writing a hobby app (both Android and iOS) for a ...
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Data Protection of data is shared

i am not sure if I posting in the correct place and i will delete if not. I have been asked by my boss how long do we have to keep customer data for? He is a retailer and fixes computers. A customer ...
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Does FDA require Clinical Research Companies/labs required to use relational/non-relational databases to store or document clinical trial data?

Are American Clinical Research Companies or laboratories doing analysis for clinical trials required to use relational databases or non-relational databases or Relational Database Management Systems ...
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Is my app's displaying of email IDs illegal from a data privacy perspective?

I am building an app that will easily help connect Spotify playlist curators with artists who are trying to promote their music. As part of this, i would like my app to display names and business ...
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Is it illegal to allow a minor to participate in a site satisfaction survey?

Consider some imaginary website, run by a US legal entity - let's call it Whack Stove Reflow - has registered users, some of whom are under 18. This imaginary website wants to take a community ...
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Requesting Proof of Data Deletion

This questions covers the law and tech. If I delete my account at Facebook or any company with a website service, can I ask to be provided proof of data having been deleted in some form provided by ...
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