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Who (according to the law) is allowed to access confidential information?

Take the following scenario, I own an institution and have recently employed a system which involves a questionnaire/feedback form which gives the new starters the ability to give feedback on their ...
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Is it legal to use Web crawler for data gathering?

I live in Uk, I am programmer and I have built a personal system that goes to some foreign housing web sites and extracts data from adverts going add by add (using crawler/scraper/web spider), I then ...
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Need computer forensic case citation (urgent)

My mother is about to attend court over a car which was written off by a lorry. The CCTV video recording of the accident was mishandled, such as the storage SD card not being imaged, it was also ...
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It is legal to save and index a copy of any leaked database?

I'm wondering if it is legal to use a copy of a leaked database like the leaked Adobe database containing email addresses, encrypted passwords and password hints. I can imagine it won't be legal to ...
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Are there any resources for creating terms and conditions for websites?

I am currently on the process of making a forum based website that will contain users emails, passwords and possibly names. When The users signs up they will need to accept the terms and conditions ...
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Using U.S. hosting service from Europe

I was reading about data transfer implications for those of us who live in EU. Apparently transferring any user's personal info outside of EU is not strictly legal, unless you go through some ...
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Russian data sovereignty compliance

So there's new law requiring a copy of personal data of Russian citizens in effect since September 2015. I can't read Russian, and Western press in languages I can read is a little vague on the actual ...
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Why was the data retention period for auditable records in Sarbanes-Oxley chosen as 7 years?

In Sarbanes-Oxley, does anyone know why the figure of 7 years was chosen as the data retention period (and not, say, 6 or 8 years)?
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Can communication companies simply decline to record communication data?

I understand that companies that involve digital communications can, at least in the US, be forced to hand over communication data in specific contexts. But storing so much data must be highly ...
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(UK) Data Protection Act - Deleting offline data

I have a question regarding the Data Protection Act and the deletion of users private information. If a website was running a weekly backup of users private data (name, date of birth, address etc.) ...
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Is it legal to collect data as a UK company that operates a US server?

I'm a little confused with how the safe harbour law works out. Related article: How does this law affect UK businesses that operate an external server ...
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Data Protection of data is shared

i am not sure if I posting in the correct place and i will delete if not. I have been asked by my boss how long do we have to keep customer data for? He is a retailer and fixes computers. A customer ...
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Storing pirated data online who is responsible?

If I were to set up an online storage company and sell GB/TB who would be responsible for my customers uploading pirated/illegal data on my storage servers? Would declaring in the terms and ...
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Is there a legal requirement for my hosting service to provide me with a copy/backup of my content?

If I have a provider hosting a forum service, and I want a copy of my forum database (actually to move to another service) is there a requirement that they must be able to provide me with my content ...
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Data Chain Of Custody

This is civil in the US. I work for a company that does litigation support - discovery. We have secure servers that we (the company) pay a lot of money for. Based on the case load we may need to ...
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Am I allowed to store data of EU citizens as an Indian company?

We are a company based in India and are frequently being visited by people from overseas. Due to the recent safe harbour developments, are we allowed store data of EU-citizens on a cloud server ...
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