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How to handle backyard pet burials at home sale?

Lots of families bury their pets in their backyard during their time living at a house. Often burial is shallow because it's difficult to dig deep graves for the average person. At some point, the ...
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Can lawyers perform actions for the sole purpose of delay if the client is facing the death penalty?

This answer contains the remark: Lawyers are also officers of the court and are specifically prohibited from taking actions in litigation with the sole purpose of delay. (The analysis would be ...
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What compensation can be claimed in case of a road accident resulting death in Denmark?

The victim was on the way to work in a cycle, travelling in the cycle lane when got hit by a truck and died immediately. What compensation would the family be entitled to and claim (either from ...
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How do I demonstrate a legal right or claim to my great-grandfathers death certificate?

Jurisdiction: New York State (Broome County) I am trying to obtain a copy of my great-grandfather's death certificate (died 1951 in Broome County NY) in support of a dual citizenship application. ...
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Naming Estate Accounts

Joe Smith (a fictional person) dies with several brokerage accounts and a living revocable trust. The trust has several brokerage accounts also. The name of the trust is Smith Living Trust. Now, ...
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In the state of Arizona, how do funeral homes create a new death certificate and register it?

My question pertains to law in the United States. My mother died 2 months ago. The police came and took her body away. The medical examiner's office did an autopsy, etc... I have paid the state of ...
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What ways are there to put pressure on the assurance delaying payments of death benefits?

How can I put negotiation pressure on the UK assurance company to persuade them to pay death benefits to the entitled widow, that they have been delaying for over 3 years from the death of her husband?...
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Company delaying paying death benefits: How long is reasonable to wait?

How long is it reasonable to wait for an assurance company to pay death benefits to the spouse, after her husband died? The assurance company in question is taking over 4 years, claiming they are ...
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AZ LAWYERS - Court Order For Death Certificate

My ex-husband passed away, and in our divorce decree I was awarded a portion of his pension. I need a copy of his death certificate for the company servicing the pension. I sent a copy of the divorce ...
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