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Liability or obligation to pay or render something to another

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What happens to unsecured debts which were secured in a Ch 13 bankruptcy when dropped?

In some cases in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a secured debt can be partially converted to unsecured. For instance an automobile which was not purchased recently can be 'crammed down' For instance a car ...
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Insurance company said no money was owed and now they have changed their mind

Someone I know was told by an insurance company that since he got a new car they could not insure him because it was too old and he would need to cancel the policy. He was told multiple times on the ...
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What is the legal situation if one is owed money but no longer have access to the bank account associated with the account?

There is a situation presented in The Guardian Consumer champions that must be fairly common: In November last year, I unexpectedly rediscovered an unused national lottery app on my mobile phone with ...
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Statute of limitations tolling while a California debtor is not in the state after defaulting

In layman's terms, how exactly does Section 351 of the CCP apply to a person who defaulted on a private unsecured loan or credit card, thinking on a timeline? The creditor does have the valid phone ...
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In the US in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, when are the amounts considered paid?

Hypothetically, Let's take the case of a debtor filing Ch 13 bankruptcy, with, say 25 thousand in debts secured with a car title, and 25 thousand in unsecured debts. Let's say he's planning to pay ...
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Do Not Call Directives

In the U.S. debt collection companies who are told to not call a debtor are required to cease all cellphone contact attempts. Does this Do Not Call command apply only to the debt collection company ...
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How to get fake debts legally quashed?

Consider the situation where a company claims someone owes them money. The person disavows this debt and believes it is falsely assigned to them. Further, assume the company sells the debt to a debt ...
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Any chance of getting back money I lent?

A few years years ago I lent 50,000$ to a friend in financial trouble and we agreed he'd pay me back when he was able to (though I have no evidence of this other than the bank transaction). We had an ...
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Tour operator asks for undue money

Some time ago I purchased a trip from a leading tour operator in Germany (I’m resident of a close-by country). They asked me to provide them with a credit/debit card details so they can collect €1000 ...
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