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What safe guards are present for defendants from being deprived of basic, fundamental defendant rights by appointed counsel?

TL;DR Super-long fact pattern with rather generic question, only read if you are ok to find that the question may not even really be answered very helpfully. Please be patient, thanks! FACTS This &...
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Defendant's right to surprise prosecution at trial

Common law disclosure obligations between prosecutors and defendants appear to be imbalanced: prosecutors basically have to disclose everything they have on defendants defendants have to disclose ...
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What is the role and power of the Australian Defence Force in civil society?

The Commonwealth government has offered the assistance of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to the states from time to time. Most recently the New South Wales Government has accepted that offer of ...
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Under what circumstances (other than defamation) is "truth an absolute defense" against prosecution?

My understanding is that "truth is an absolute defense" against a "defamation" charge, in the U.S. (Although you could be charged with something else such as "publication of ...
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