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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the European country of Denmark.

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When separated parents share parenting and one parent objects to a dangerous activity, does it matter whether the activity requires enrollment?

In the Danish "family-law" or "paternal responsibility law" there is a phrase concerning parents with shared custody, the parent with the registered address has a veto right ...
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Is there any legal avenue for declaration of residence in Denmark with the right to not have a home?

This website ( clearly states a condition for officially becoming a resident in Denmark and getting a CPR number is that you have an actual residence, a place to ...
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What are the precise criteria for making a place a legal residence for a person in Denmark?

I would like to know the legal requirements for a dwelling to be considered legal and fit for registering as a residence with the government, in Denmark. I would prefer a complete, clear checklist, if ...
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What compensation can be claimed in case of a road accident resulting death in Denmark?

The victim was on the way to work in a cycle, travelling in the cycle lane when got hit by a truck and died immediately. What compensation would the family be entitled to and claim (either from ...
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Is copyright automatically transmitted to the sole proprietorship company in Denmark?

When I register a sole proprietorship in Denmark and then as the sole proprietor sign a contract for providing software development services for business partner and in this contract it's written that ...
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Would she be entitled to welfare benefits?

Say an Irish national resides in another country (Denmark) and looks for work and cannot find work in her profession. But instead, she finds a part-time job that is poorly paid and she is only working ...
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Is it a copyright infringement to publish a screen capture video of the editing of copyrighted material on Youtube?

My son has a lot of fun editing pictures of thoroughly tattooed celebrities in Photoshop, removing their tattoos, earrings, piercings, and whatnot. Recently, he started recording the editing process ...
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What does "reasonable" mean?

I have seen the phrase 'reasonable conditions' used quite often in legal texts, and I always get nervous, as I don't know how to interpret it. Imagine a Confidentiality and Assignment Agreement with ...
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Swedish Government and GDPR

Given that the nordics are one of the most transparent societies, is there any scope that these governments may be in breach of GDPR, for example with respect to default disclosure positions on things ...
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Wrong industry code, is it legal?

I live in Denmark, and someone sent me an invoice of a work they did, they charged me for the job more than I expected, when I take a look at the CVR information online, it shows they have apparently ...
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Is it legal in Denmark to deface religious scriptures?

This piece from the New York times got my attention: Apparently some Danish guy got convicted of burning the Quran. Q. ...
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