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Copyright law and distribution terms for public versions or derivatives

The present question is a special case of Can one take BSD licensed code and distribute it under GPL?. Looking recently at OpenBSD's LibreSSL, I've noticed that SSLeay that it traces its roots to (...
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Can Disney use its trademarks to stop reproductions of Mickey Mouse even after "Steamboat Willie" enters the public domain?

Steamboat Willie will enter the public domain in the USA in 2024. Does this mean that people in the USA will then be able to reproduce the Mickey Mouse depicted in that film and make derivative works ...
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Can I republish my derivative work using a new license?

Some background: the System Reference Document 5.1 ("SRD5") is an original work owned by Wizards of the Coast ("WotC"). WotC currently authorizes derivative works of SRD5 using two ...
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In the US, is ink transfer from poster to canvas a copyright infringement (outside of Ninth Circuit)?

I ask because Canada and the EU's top courts have come to different conclusions. In Allposters, C‑419/13, the CJEU ruled that though the adaptation/derivative right was not harmonized within the EU, ...
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Is it a copyright violation to use (C) texts I legally own to train an A.I.?

Let's use J.K. Rowlings and Shakespeare as an example. I want to train an A.I. to produce stories that look like a mix of both author's styles. The real example should use over 40 different authors, ...
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Is a beatmap derived from a song considered a derivative work?

I am working on a game which will allow players to create and share beatmaps. These are essentially levels of the game that are synced to the timing of a song. Would these beatmaps be considered ...
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Is translating and posting comic original text + translation w/o image considered legal?

I'm interested in doing translation for Gundam Japanese comics that haven't been licensed outside of Japan for the purpose of enabling other people outside of Japan to do research (e.g. characters, ...
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Help with "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License"

I have a dataset to be used for Data Science research. This dataset (will be referenced henceforth as the "Original Dataset"), is licensed (to the best of my knowledge) under CCA-NC-ND. I ...
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Can a writer keep an editor's edits despite order cancellation?

I wrote an article and hired a freelance editor who delivered a result that didn't match the value of how much I paid him. He agreed to refund me. There are certain edits of his that I would like to ...
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Does Wikipedia's Creative Commons License Apply to Data that's Inferred from Their Data Set?

Below, I have described a case example: A chemistry web site allows users to search on chemical compounds in order to find other similar chemicals. The chemical similarity is determined based on the ...
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